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 Tide books for 2017 are now available to purchase in the Marina Reception for £1.00

 New contracts have been issued to all berth holders, please complete the paperwork and  return to the office on or before the 31st March 2017.  

A Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) is located on the grass bank adjacent to Senhouse Dock has a variety of grasses, with two Cumbrian rarities’ the common broomrape and the pyramidal orchid. The SSSI extends round to the east of the harbour ending at the road known as Irish Street. The sheltered land include species such as rest-harrow, common knapweed, kidney vetch, wild carrot, wild mignonette, yellow rattle and yarrow. The yarrow is present throughout the area and it is upon this plant that the nationally rare purple broomrape is parasitic.  Maryport is the most northerly known site for this species, which otherwise is a southern plant.

The site is also important for the Small Blue Butterfly due to the abundance of its food plant, the kidney vets.  The Small Blue has suffered a decline in several part of the country, and in Cumbria is restricted to only 3 sites.