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 Tide books for 2017 are now available to purchase in the Marina Reception for £1.00

 New contracts have been issued to all berth holders, please complete the paperwork and  return to the office on or before the 31st March 2017.  

The historic Senhouse dock of 1894 was transformed to a marina in 1990 where a flap gate and floating pontoons were installed. The flap gate is hinged to a concrete sill and the sill is 3.1 metres above chart datum.  The flap gate is generally operated when there is 2.4 metres of water on the sill, although during bad weather the gate is closed when there is between 2.6 and 3.0 metres of water on the sill.

There are 190 serviced pontoon berths, including designated catamaran berths and unlimited time for storage ashore.  The marina offers sailing around the Solway Firth, the Galloway Coast and the Isle of Man, although Ireland and Scotland are accessible for those longer sailing holidays.

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