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 Damaged pontoon floats are being repaired by Jetties and Moorings Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th August

 The Yacht Harbour Association would like to ask Maryport Marina customers to complete a  survey and return as soon as possible.  These have been sent out by email, alternatively they are available in the reception.

Maryport’s history goes back to the Roman times where a fort was constructed called Alauna, and was part of the Western Sea Defences and at the western edge of Hadrian’s wall.  In the 1600’s the town located to the mouth of the river Ellen and was known as Ellenfoot.  It wasn’t until the 1749 that Humphrey Senhouse started developing the town into a port when an Act of Parliament was passed, where he changed the name to Maryport after his wife Mary.

The port prospered from the shipbuilding and coal industries, and by 1838 Maryport was recognized as a port in its own right and it continued to expand with the building of Elizabeth dock 1857 and the Senhouse dock in 1884.  The first steel ship was launched by the Ritson yard in 1885 and shipbuilding continued until August 1914 when the last ship was launched.